Decorate your home in an industrial style without going over budget

This dining room is proof of how it is possible to decorate with repurposed furniture and achieve environments with character, personality and an attractive industrial aesthetic. The result is untreated wood, metal legs and some details like an olive tree in the living room that soften the whole. Without a doubt, a house in the city […]

Decorate Your Kitchen Fashionably Affordable


Decorate your kitchen in a fashionable way economically. A kitchen with reused materials will end up having that rustic, industrial or shabby chic style that will make this space an even more interesting place, although there is also the possibility of reusing furniture and decorating corners in more modern kitchens . Using reused materials is a simple way […]

Interview with El Atelier del Arte-Sano

Interview made by ginnamag magazine to El Atelier del Arte-Sano. "El Atelier del Arte-Sano with a focus on recycling for decoration" Today, from GINNAMAG, we want to present "El Atelier del Arte-Sano", based in Barcelona, Spain but from Argentine and Italian nationality. The interest in this project is its great creativity, its innovation and its […]