Concrete: a décor material that will surprise you

We will no longer say that concrete is cold or that it is only for industrial environments, because it looks good with any style.

In the architecture of the 50s, concrete made an attempt to conquer homes and found a great ally in lofts and industrial style. Anyway, it's useless to label this material to a single decorative style as it adapts very well to any environment. For example with the rustic style

Although at first we might think that the last material to achieve this type of style would be concrete, if you choose a suitable shade of this material and add elements of natural fibers, you will achieve a unique and fresh atmosphere without losing authenticity.

Concrete is no longer an exclusive coating for walls and floors and today we find it in different furniture such as this bath.

Concrete works very well with wood, as it gives it warmth and takes it away from the industrial cold we are used to.

Concrete has also conquered the heart of the kitchen and it is not uncommon to find it on islands or countertops. The furniture in this kitchen is made of brick covered with polished concrete.

Concrete is no longer the exclusive use of the urban landscape (in pavements or buildings) and little by little it has been conquering the private sphere. Far from the cliché that it is a hard, rough and cold material, cement can be part of very warm environments that bring freshness and modernity to the room.

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